Work Stories Project
Re-imagine Work!


Our mission at WSP is to help people and organizations understand, express, and design their human experience of work.
— Carol Xu

Carol and her fellow collaborators curate a broad spectrum of the human experience of work. From work burnout and depression to pursuing a life purpose, joy, and mastery of work.

We love to explore new professions, novel work designs, and radical ways of organizing people and resources that encourage us to thrive.

We draw from the fields of
~  organizational behavior
~  the sociology and psychology of work
~  design thinking  

By learning from real-world stories, we can bring insights to our work life, design new ways to organize people and work, and ignite the imagination.

While you're waiting for our next episode, experiment with one take-away you picked up from our lastest episode and share your experience with others, including us!

Together, let’s re-imagine what work can be for ourselves, our loved ones, and society as a whole.